Event didn’t take place due to changes in legislation requiring approvals.


End Point: Honeysuckle Campground.

Overall Winner: College

Division 1: College


End Point: Jerangle Cricket Ground

Overall Winner:

Division 1: Ursula Hall (Hamish Leslie,  Ed Collet, Grant Stanfield & Anders Breian)


End Point: Caloola Farm

Overall Winner:

Division 1: John XXIII (Bronti Ness, Calder Hamill, James Greenacre & Kieran Harris )

Note: 2011 was the first know year that a female runner has been part of the winning Division 1 team. Bronti went on to finish first in 2012 as well.


End Point: Majors Creek Cricket Ground

Overall Winner: none declared

Division 1: none declared


End Point: Corin Forest

Overall Winner: B&G

Division 1:  B&G (


End Point: Cotter Dam Recreation Area

Overall Winner: John XXIII

Division 1: B&G (Brad Vallette, Matthew Teh, David Longo & David Baldwin)


End Point: released at 5am on March 27, 2015


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